Real Perfction

The Not Perfect Hat Club (Book Review)

Imagine you are in a beautiful place, doing the thing you love to do most, enjoying every moment of it, feeling it, living it, flowing with it. You feel a fulfilled happiness that comes from being in sync with yourself, with your feelings, and with what your are doing. And then someone walks into your field of view, and it’s all gone. You cringe in embarrassment, because suddenly you are in a context of expectations, real or imagined, by that person or by yourself. And whatever was beyond judgement a moment ago, now it’s “not enough.”

In fact, if you think about it…it’s never enough.

And this is what this book is about for adults. Remembering that we can’t be perfect at everything. That the whole notion of perfection is rather arbitrary. That being true to ourselves…is enough.

Or, in the context of Kylee, one of the characters in this book, playing Mozart perfectly the way Mozart would is an amazing and unattainable skill. Playing Mozart the way only Kylee can play it–is unique.